About James Michael Lafferty

Hi, I’m James Michael Lafferty (Jim) and I am presently CEO of BAT (British American Tobacco) Philippines, and former CEO of Coca Cola Bottling Nigeria and P&G Philippines. My background is actually in psychology and fitness and in fact I started in business 29 years ago running my own fitness consulting firm, performing fitness tests on executives including P&Gers. A brand manager asked me if I wanted to “Try what he does” and after several rounds of interviews, I was actually hired into Marketing in my native Cincinnati, USA in 1985. I worked nearly 6 years in the US business and then went international to Morocco, the Poland/Baltics, then Switzerland leading the Near East business (Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, West Bank/Gaza), then back to Poland, then back to Switzerland, and finally to finish up my P&G career in Philippines. It has been quite a run from fitness instructor making $5/hour to running several of P&G’s largest businesses. After taking an early retirement I moved to Nigeria to run Coke Bottling, and came back to the country I love–Philippines for BAT. I am still a coach at heart and still work closely with athletes in Nigeria and Philippines, leveraging sports as a teaching tool.   I hope you enjoy the site and the random thoughts!

jim headshot

The official corporate shot!


One Response to “About James Michael Lafferty”

  1. Sam Goldberg Says:

    Hello James,
    This is a second effort. I read your thoughts on Philippine athletics and I would like to help you. Could you please reply so we can carry on? Perhaps between us we can do something great for the 2013 SEA Games. My face book site offers some things I am proud to have accomplished. Thanks in advance for your kind considerations.
    Coach Sam Goldberg,(retired head coach Thailand/decathlon/heptathlon)

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